15 documents

Notes about the Android SDK and other Android-related topics. And some more information to make the text longer.

Mobile Communication

12 documents

Mobile communication technologies, including UMTS, LTE, 5G, organisations like 3GPP, and technical aspects of radio communication.


10 documents

Everything about the Java programming language and environment.

Algorithms & Data Structures

9 documents

Classical computer science algorithms and data structure stuff. The things hat you need to know for coding interviews.


7 documents

How to's and code snippets concerning LaTeX, as well as related tools, such as BibTeX and BibDesk.


7 documents

How to do various things on macOS.


6 documents

All the evil but necessary mathematical stuff.


6 documents

Notes about the R programming language for statistical computing, and related technologies, like R Markdown.


5 documents

The amazing vim editor, successor of vi, visual mode of ex, successor of ed, better version of qed.

Amazon Web Services

4 documents

Some notes about specific Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, in particular Amazon S3.


4 documents

For fans of the zillion of Google products, like Google Fonts, Google Photos, Google Play Music, etc.

Coding Interviews

3 documents

Information and resources for preparing for a coding interview for a software engineering position.


3 documents

Various Linux-specific notes.

Ruby on Rails

3 documents

The Ruby on Rails web application framework, which together with Git and Heroku makes the magic trio.

Web Design

3 documents

Information, tips, and tricks about the main ingredients of web design: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


2 documents

Everyting about Git, the incredibly effective version control system.


2 documents

Heroku is a flexible and easy-to-use Platform as a Service for deploying web applications.


2 documents

Various notes about the Markdown markup language, Markdown processors, as well as the R Markdown environment.


2 documents

Notes about editing PDF files with command-line tools.

Terminals & Shells

2 documents

Notes about different terminals and shells, including iTerm and Bash.

Events & Experiences

6 documents

Summaries and journals of events that I attended, or other experiences that I made.


23 documents

Miscellaneous notes. Everything that doesn't fit into one of the existing categories.


3 documents

Notes that I deem not so important or high-quality, but that I still want to keep for now.