Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

Daniel Weibel
Created 8 Nov 2017

Useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs, the web-based text processor of Google.

A complete list of shortcuts can be found here, however, not all of the shortcuts listed there work on all computers and keyboards.

Navigation and Delete

Ctrl-A Go to beginning of line
Ctrl-E Go to end of line
Ctrl-F Move cursor forward by one character
Ctrl-B Move cursor back by one character
Ctrl-N Go to next line
Ctrl-P Go to previous line
Ctrl-D Delete character in front of cursor
Ctrl-H Delete character behind cursor
Ctrl-K Delete from cursor to end of line
Cmd-Back Delete from cursor to beginning of line
Alt-Back Delete from cursor to beginning of last word
Cmd-Enter Move cursor to new page


Cmd-Z Undo
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo
Cmd-F Find (go to next occurence with Enter)
Cmd-Shift-H Find and replace
Cmd-Shift-V Paste without formatting

Text Formatting

Cmd-B Toggle bold
Cmd-I Toggle italic
Cmd-U Toggle underline
Cmd-Shift-X Toggle strikethrough

Text Selection with Keyboard

Shift-Left/Right Extend selection one character to the left/right
Shift-Fn-Left/Right Extend selection to the beginning/end of line
Shift-Up/Down Extend selection one line up/down
Shift-Cmd-Up/Down Extend selection to the beginning/end of document