Custom BibTeX Styles

Daniel Weibel
Created 26 May 2016
Last updated 29 Oct 2017

These are some .bst files that I created according to the instructions here.

Note that the .dbj file is the output of the interactive latex makebst utility, and it is the file that you should be edited manually, if you want to change anything in the style.

To create the .bst file from the .dbj file, use latex file.dbj.


The main characteristics of this bibliography style are:

  • Ordering of references in alphabetical order of the first author’s last name
  • Author names: initials + surname (e.g. “J. F. Smith”)
  • Maximum three authors listed (remaining authors replaced by et al.)
  • Date as month + year (e.g “October 2017”)
  • Titles (including punctuation) in double quotes
  • Capitalisation of titles is not modified
  • Journal names in italics
  • No word “in” for collections and proceedings

An example bibliography item looks like this:

Example Bibliography Item

Find Me Here


This style is identical to my_alphorder, except that bibliography items are sorted in the order they are cited in the text.

Find Me Here