Project Idea: BibTeXBase

Daniel Weibel
Created 1 Feb 2014

BibTeXBase: a BibTeX front-end in Python for Mac


  • Recursive groups
  • Easy drag and drop of items between groups
  • Drag groups in a certain order
  • Creation of meaningful cite keys
  • Fixing Springer’s bug of missing cite key
  • Automatic title capitalisation (python package ‘titlecase’)
  • Incremental search in BibTeX file
  • Copy cite commands as \cite{A,B,C} or \cite{A}, \cite{B}, \cite{C}
  • Annotations: add as blocks; date automatically printed at beginning of block; blocks can be added, modified, and deleted
  • Tracking of attached files so that these files can be moved on disk but the reference in BibBase still holds (how to do this?)
  • Create copy of BibTeX file (1) as is; ((2) as is but without annotations); (3) as pure BibTeX file
  • Addition of item: (1) drag and drop; (2) copy paste of BibTeX entry; (3) entry form; (4) automatic reading of .txt and .bib files from a specified folder and linking them with similarly-named .pdf files.


  • Bridge from python to the Objective C Cocoa GUI framework: pyobjc
  • Building standalone Mac application at the end: py2app