Vim Cheatsheets

Daniel Weibel
Created 28 Oct 2017
Last updated 31 Oct 2017

Graphical Vim Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet by the creator of ViEmu can be found here (GIF and SVG version). A PDF version of the cheatsheet has been created here.

Directly download the SVG or PDF version.

ViEmu Vim Cheatsheet

Vim Cheatsheet for Programmers

This Vim cheatsheet by Michael Pohoreski is similarly designed as the Graphical Vim Cheatsheet, but seems to be a bit more extensive. It can be found here.

Directly download the PDF version.

Vim Cheatsheet for Programmers

Beautiful Vim Cheatsheet

A vim cheatsheet, created by Max Cantor, targeted to be beautiful and organised (unlike the vim user interface and most other vim cheatsheets).

The project is presented here. It seems to be possible to buy high-resolution electronic and physical copies (posters).

Beautiful Vim Cheatsheet